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About Us

nueahmik focuses on sustainable fashion and presents contemporary and stylish eco-fashion looks that surpass naturalness.

For Conscious Women

More and more people have become interested in not only the design and functionality of a product, but its material and manufacturing process.
We hope that there are diversified options for those who appreciate their own values and beliefs, and consume consciously.

With Sustainable Fabric

We minimize the use of animal fibers and enhance the use of natural fibers and regenerated fibers.

We mainly deal with natural fibers and regenerated fibers and we also use recycled fabric from waste fibers and PET.

e.g. modal made of beech wood, Tencel made of eucalyptus, Bemberg made of short fibers that wrap cotton seeds, etc.

Zero Waste

We Reduce unnecessary waste and use it for product marketing.

For the brand tag, which is a one-time consumable, we utilized leftover scrap fabric so that we could reduce unnecessary waste.
Moreover, we offer our customers fabric samples for them to experience, in advance, the fabric and texture of products that they have not purchased.
Those samples are made of the remaining fabric from the brand tag.

With the fabric swatch, which is a seasonally generated disposable, we stitch pieces together and produce a zero-waste #LOVE scrunchy.
Since the fabric swatch cannot be the same, it is upcycled into a special item that no one else has.


Loved Clothes Last

‘the most sustainable clothes are those I already have.’

We support those who adore clothes and adopt sustainable fashion. We offer customized repair kits if needed.

Please send us a picture and a brief description of the part of the purchased item that you want to have repaired so that no subsidiary materials would go into waste.
We will send you the subsidiary materials in a customized repair kit that you can repair with both hands and sewing machines.


We do not use unnecessary packaging and plastic.

In an attempt to reduce the use of plastic bags as much as possible, all of nueahmik's products are paper-wrapped and shipped covered with eco-friendly biodegradable products
made of 100% naturally decomposable materials.
In addition, to reuse the paper boxes, we do not attach any unnecessary logo printings or stickers.

*It is an eco-friendly product that is 100% naturally decomposed into water and carbon dioxide
within 180 days, and it does not emit any carcinogens when incinerated.

Locally Manufactured

‘manufactured in happiness, purchased in happiness’

All products of nueahmik are locally manufactured. We reduce carbon emissions by minimizing the distance between
pattern rooms, sample rooms, and sewing factories, and we also try to help revitalize the local economy.

Workers in nueahmik do not work in harsh conditions under exploitation.
Products of nueahmik are manufactured in factories in Seoul where the rights of workers are guaranteed, and we strive to ensure the safety of the manufacturers as well as the belief of the consumers.

Photo by Yejin Hyun